Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug from Hiwill

This 450Ml insulated travel mug from Hiwill arrived attractively packaged in a cardboard product pack with all the relevant information about the mug printed on the box. Inside the box was just the mug itself and a small silica gel pack. The proper packaging makes the product more appealing for purchase as a gift.

The mug itself is 9″ tall with a 1.9″ diameter mouth and I found it fits perfectly into the cup holder of my car. The top unscrews for filling and for normal drinking but the top contains a pouring spout with a 1cm access hole for the contents and a tiny air hole above this to allow smooth pouring. The lid pulls to allow for pouring or drinking. You can drink from the pouring spout but the lid gets in the way somewhat, not enough to prevent drinking but enough to be annoying. There is a quick release catch which allows the spring loaded lid to release and when raised the lid is held in place and does not fall back which allows for easy one handed use. Inside the lid there is a Food-grade silicone sealing mechanism. There is a small plastic locking button to the side of the catch but I found this stiff and awkward to use.

The box claims that it can keep the contents hot for up to twelve hours and cold for up to eight. From my limited use I would not say that was too unrealistic. The mouth is good and wide for easy filling but I did notice that care had to be taken to ensure the lid was screwed in place correctly to avoid leakages.

This is a good quality and attractive insulated mug and just £9.99 on Amazon will not break the bank

The Good
Good price
Attractive design
Attractive packaging
Lockable lid

The Bad
Lid gets in the way when drinking
Locking button fiddly to use
Spout assembly hard to wash
Easy to screw in top incorrectly

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