Craftamo Artist 15 Paint Brushes Set

This very attractive 15 brush set from Craftamo was packaged in a robust semi rigid case which cleverly incorporates two brush drying stands as well as a hanging hook. The case has dedicated storage loops for each brush as well as space enough to squeeze in a few other small items. The case looks good, seems strong and well made and should last easily as long as the brushes.

The brushes again seem well made with glossy black wooden handle, brass ferrule and crimp, and with the bristles in orange synthetic fibres from heel to toe. The set consists of a mixture of angle, fan, flat, filbert and rigger brushes in sizes 3/0 to 12. Time will tell but so far I am seeing no sign of shedding or saturation or any other problems in use.

The current Amazon price of £20.00 including Prime shipping makes this a very good buy indeed.

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