GliderGloves Copper Infused Touch Screen Gloves

I have tried plenty of pairs of touch screen gloves before. Typically they are rather thin with small pads on several of the fingers to type on the screen with varying levels of success. These are different.

There are two versions of the glove and I chose the thicker and more expensive winter model in L/XL. Both the glove type and size affect the price which for me was discounted to £20.50 from £31.42.

The gloves arrived simply packed in a plastic product bag with no instructions or information other than that on the bag itself. An information leaflet is not really needed as it is perfectly obvious what the features of the glove are but a leaflet would have boosted the up market appeal.

I was very impressed by how well they worked with my phone. My unboxing video shows that I was able to use almost any part of the glove to interest with the screen. I found that the multiple attempts were not needed and that it worked almost as easily as if I had no gloves on at all. This could have the disadvantage that the screen could be touched by accident and when fumbling with thick gloves this is more likely than it would be without them. That is a minor point compared to the ease of use the larger area of use allows.

Looking at them now simply as gloves I was again impressed. They are of medium thickness, double lined and feel warm and soft when worm. They are thick enough to give decent warmth but without being too bulky to use your fingers properly. They have the feel of a good quality medium weight woollen glove.

The gloves are hand washable and must be flat dried according the large QR code printed label which can itself be used as a screen wipe.

These gloves are not inexpensive but are clearly a well made high quality product and in my opinion a big step up from the cheapo rivals.

The Good
Great build quality
Large conductive area
Warm and well padded
Long cuff
Washing label
Double lined
Anti slip finish

The Bad
No product information sheet

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