XBOOM Mini Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I was looking for a small Bluetooth capable speaker that could be used to boost the sound from my phone and this one seemed to fit the bill and at the current Amazon price of £14.99 seemed an attractive buy.

Inside the simple but robust simple box was the speaker itself, a USB charging cable, a non standard audio cable, a carabiner hook and a User Guide. The don’t really need much of a User Guide for a speaker but the supplied guide is well printed and easy to read if rather small. I enclose a copy on the end of my unboxing video, switch to fullscreen and pause when needed to read it.

Build quality is excellent. The speaker body is smaller than a hockey puck and seems almost as tough and well made. It has three position switch on one side – Bluetooth/OFF/Line which I found mildly annoying as to me it seems more intuitive and easier to use to have the OFF position on the end rather than the centre. Just below the switch is the micro-USB charging port which is also used to feed external audio sources in using the supplied mini-jack to to micro-USB cable. It is a pity that a non standard and hard to find cable is used rather than a normal mini-jack port. On the side too is a small control panel with the usual volume, track controls and a pause/phone button. The controls are easy to use and well marked. On the side there is a buttress type moulding that serves as a stand for vertical positioning and has a hole for use with the supplied carabiner mount. The speaker also works just as well face up as the speaker is positioned on the front.

Configuring the speaker for Bluetooth pairing is easy enough thanks to the voice guided status prompts. It paired first time my Nexus 6P phone and connected automatically when rebooted. The connection is good and I experienced no drop outs in use. There is no NFC option. There is no TF card slot and no FM radio either, but then for the price who could expect it?

Sound quality from this speaker is good but more bass would have been good, but given the size and form factor is not to be wondered at. That said, the audio quality is perfectly adequate for normal use and in fact better than I was expecting for the nature of the device.

The sound quality is excellent for the device price. The build quality is good and the speaker looks much more upmarket and sophisticated than I was expecting. Battery life with my limited testing seems fine and seems good for the eight hours claimed between charges.

The unusual design, great build quality make this an appealing buy and the excellent price makes it a five star one.

The Good
Great Build quality
Good sound quality
Good User Guide
Audio in port

The Bad
Switch setting positions
No TF card
No FM radio
Unstable base
Non standard cable used for AUX in
More info and purchase