XBOOM Mini Portable Capsule Speaker

I have tried a few of these micro speakers featuring a bellows like extended body system but this is one is one of the best and at an Amazon price of £10.99 it makes a very compelling purchase.

Inside the attractive windowed display box was the speaker itself, a non standard USB to microUSB/mini-jack cable, an audio cable, a carabiner hook, a soft carry bag and a User Guide. The don’t really need much of a User Guide for a speaker but the supplied guide is well printed and easy to read if rather small. I enclose a copy on the end of my unboxing video, switch to fullscreen and pause when needed to read it.

Build quality is excellent. The speaker body is smaller than a hockey puck and seems almost as tough when collapsed and just as well made. On the speaker body can be found a simple On/Off toggle switch, micro USB charging port, audio in/out port, and volume thumbwheel. On the underside is a hard wired audio cable which is concealed flush in a recess. The body can be expanded bellows style to allow for enhanced sound by revealing a delicate ‘resonator’ and then which can be locked shut after use. The speaker will work almost as well with the resonator shut.

Why are there two audio cables, the dual use Y cable and the built in one? The Y cable saves space and desk clutter by allowing the same cable to both charge the device and/or connect to an external audio source. The built in cable can be used when charging is not needed or – and this is a selling point of the speaker – to allow multiple speakers to be daisy chained together from the same sound source.

Sound quality from this speaker is good but more bass would have been good, but given the size and form factor is not to be wondered at. That said, the audio quality is perfectly adequate for normal use and in fact better than I was expecting for the nature of the device.

The sound quality is excellent for the device price. The build quality is good and the speaker looks much more upmarket and sophisticated than I was expecting. Battery life with my limited testing seems fine and seems good for the twelve hours claimed between charges.

The unusual design, excellent build quality, and decent sound make this an appealing buy and the remarkable price makes it a five star one.

The Good
Speakers can be daisy chained together
Great Build quality
Good sound quality
Good User Guide
The Bad
No TF card
No FM radio
No Bluetooth
Less robust when expanded

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