450w Electric tile cutter from UK-Performance-Parts

Our builder let us down when constructing our new conservatory and in the end we decided to cut our losses and tile it ourselves. Gillian and I had some experience in tiling we had tiles our kitchen and put a new tiled floor down in the bathroom. Somewhere in the house was the electric tile cutter we used for these jobs but after an exhaustive search only the motor and not the essential top plate could be found. The upshot was that a new tile cutter had to be bought. Since it was for this single job a budget device had to be found and after a search on Amazon this one seemed to be the best.

In the box was the device itself with the blade already in place. Using it was just a matter of fitting the cutting guard and parallel guide bar. A mitre gauge is included to allow for for angled cuts and the table will tilt to allow for chamfered cutting. The User Guide is comprehensive and well written and though of a decent size it is poorly printed and hard to read. I enclose a scan of it at the end of my unboxing video.

I found it easy enough to use but one annoyance was that the rather ill fitting blade guard prevented a tile from traveling the whole length across the table and also the guide prevented me accurately keeping the cut accurate at times.
In the end I removed the guide and found the cutter much easier to use but of course this meant that even more care than usual had to be used when operating it. Another minor annoyance was that the distance markings on the shiny Parallel Guide are hard to read when it is wet and dirty from use. Clear black markings here would have been better.

I was very happy with using the device. It was not too noisy when operating and seemed throw up much less water than previous cutters I have used. I was pleased to see that the motor would slow down and stop smoothly if over worked and there were no jams or blockages. Cleaning the device after use is a tiresome and messy job but then so it is with them all.

This is a decent quality device available at a very attractive price. It has a few minor issues but nothing that would prevent me buying another if I needed to.
The current Amazon price of less than £40 makes it all the more attractive.

The Good
Great price
Good build quality
Well written User Guide
Tilting table
Not too noisy
Auto motor cut-off
Blade guard poorly fitted and is obstructive

The Bad
Cutting guard prevents full tile travel
User Guide poorly printed
Parallel Guide markings hard to see.

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