Bluetooth Waterproof LESHP C29 Speaker by OUTAD

At the current Amazon price of £36.99 for a pocket sized speaker this is by no means cheap but it does have some unusual features not the least of which is the unusual metal design and build which makes this new speaker from

Inside the eco friendly plain cardboard packaging, robust enough to serve as a storage box, was the speaker itself, a USB charging cable, audio cable, a lanyard strap and a User Guide. You don’t really need much of a User Guide for a speaker but the supplied guide is well printed and easy to read if rather small. I enclose a copy on the end of my unboxing video, switch to fullscreen and pause when needed to read it.

Build quality is excellent. The speaker body consists of a front facing plain grill covering the speakers and microphone with one status LED. On the top are the standard dual use four track, volume and power buttons with a lanyard strap cut out at one corner. One one side is a large grommet protected bay concealing the micro-USB charging and audio in ports

Configuring the speaker for Bluetooth pairing is easy enough thanks to the LED guided status prompts. It paired first time my Nexus 6P phone and connected automatically when rebooted. The connection is good and I experienced no drop outs in use.

Sound quality from this speaker is good but more bass would have been good, but given the size and form factor is not to be wondered at. That said, the audio quality is perfectly adequate for normal use and in fact better than I was expecting for the nature of the device. Also it lacks some features found on many rivals devices, such as NFC, FM radio and a TF card slot. Note that it is advised not use the speaker when the battery is charging an annoying drawback found with many speakers of this type.

The main selling points for this speaker are the unusual and very robust metal design and build together with the IP67 waterproofing which would make it perfect for camping or outdoor use. It can even withstand a total immersion in water for up to 30 minutes. The slight drawback here is the metal body makes the speaker heavy for its size and would make it sink like a stone if it did fall overboard.

This is a fantastic speaker for outdoor or camping use. The build quality is good and the speaker looks much more upmarket and sophisticated than I was expecting. Battery life with my limited testing seems fine and it is good for the claimed ten hours between charges.

The unusual design, great build quality make this an appealing buy and although not cheap it has qualities and some features the others lack.

The Good
Great Build quality
Good sound quality
Audio in port
IP67 Waterproof
Metal body

The Bad
No TF card slot
No powerbank feature
No carry case
No FM radio
Cannot use whilst charging

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