LUJII Mini 130 ml Atomization Humidifier

This has to be the smallest and neatest aromatherapy oil diffuser I have ever tried and at a current Amazon price of £13.99 it is not a bad buy at all.

The diffuser arrived simply packaged in a brown cardboard box inside of which was the diffuser itself, a short proprietary USB power cord, and a rather hard to read User Guide. I enclose a copy of the User Guide at the end of my unboxing video, set to full frame and pause to read it.

The unit looks very attractive on the desk and I think that the desk, given the rather short USB cable provided, is where it is intended to live. It has twist off top to gain access to the 130ml water reservoir where a plastic tube links it to the burner above . Just release a drop or two of essential oils into the water tank to give fragrance to the humidified air. A cotton pad is provided which is to be placed into the water tank during use. This is not a feature I have seen with any other oil burner and what it does I do not know.

There is just one control. A simple touch style button on the front turns the device on with LEDs and diffuser, a second touch turns off the LEDs whilst the diffuser continues to operate, a third touch switches off the whole unit.

It works well and sits at the desk silently emitting the calming aromas whilst adding moisture to the air. It does have a calming effect conducive to clear thought and enhancing work flow. Take care where you position it as with all diffusers some moisture may be precipitated around it.

This is a excellent little device that for a relatively small price will make your working day that bit more zen like.

The Good
Great price
Compact size
USB powered

The Bad
Non standard cable
No colour pattern selection
Short power cord
Low power LED
Some moisture may be precipitated around the burner

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