Turbo Scrub 2 in 1 Powered Bathroom Cleaner from OUTAD

Just reviewed a remarkable powered toilet cleaning brush from OUTAD:

This is a new one on me, a powered toilet cleaning brush and in fact it is rather better than I expected.

The item arrived in a large and rather upmarket product box and upon opening it the contents had a well made and professional look and not appear the cheap and shoddy novelty I was expecting. In the box was the main unit housing the battery and motor, a push on cleaning brush, an extended brush, a large rechargeable battery, battery charger with UK plug and a well made large format User Guide which I reproduce on the end of my unboxing video. The battery arrived partially charged so the device worked straight from the box.

The main unit is about the size of a large aerosol can and the cleaning heads clip in place to the front. On the base of the hand grip is the battery cover which pulls off to reveal the battery when in place. The non standard proprietary battery is quite large and about the size of a chunky marker pen and is charged from the rather bulky charger unit which has space for to power up two batteries at once although annoyingly only one is provided. The build quality seems fine throughout and the chuky battery gives the device the speed and torque needed. The device has a professional and well made feel to it.

Using the device is easy and obvious and it does a good job of scrubbing the toilet both alone and in conjunction with bleach and other cleaning products. It does not do a better job than an old fashioned toilet brush but does take some of the effort needed out of the job.

My main criticisms are that only one battery is provided despite the charger having space for two. I think it would have been better to supply a larger sized battery charger that could incorporate a stand for the cleaner and brushes for hygienic storage between uses. Most manual toilet brushes come with a drip tray stand and it is a pity this automated rival does not. Over time replacement heads and batteries will be needed but I do not see any way of obtaining them but the supplier may well make them available in time.

At the current Amazon price of £35.99 this is a good buy if you need a well made and rather effective powered toilet brush.

The Good
Good price
Good build quality
Large capacity battery
Good User Guide

The Bad
Only one battery provided
No way given or obtaining spares
No storage stand or drip tray
Uses non standard batteries

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