Lightweight inflatable Sleeping Pad from OUTAD

This is a lightweight inflatable camping bed with a novel low tech pump which folds up into a small and easily portable bag. Having misread the Amazon page description I was expecting a soft traditional sleeping pad and so I was surprised to receive a blow up version but in fact that made the test all the more interesting.

Inside the attractive product box, nice packaging always make an item more suitable as a gift, was the airbed itself, a pump, and a carry bag. No instructions were included other than the illustration on the box which I include in my unboxing video.

The bed feels well made and cleverly designed. I was impressed by the novel inflation system and by the effectiveness of the valve on the bed. The plastic the bed is made from feels a little thin and I wonder how well it would cope with outdoor life, rough surfaces, and snagging but a thicker skin would mean added weight and bulk. A balance has to be found between portability and durability and maybe this was the compromise they found best.

Had I bothered to look at the box or illustrations on the Amazon product page I would have seen that to use the pump – which does not look like a normal pump in any way and which I took to be a pillow – is easy enough. Just waft it around and fill it with air like a sail, close the open end, attach the valve to that on the bed and push the air through. I blew it up by blowing into the valve on the bed and in fact it took less time than I thought to get the bed inflated. I was impressed by the valve on the bed which unlike every other one I have tried did not let any air out between puffs.

Once assembled the bed felt much like any other air bed, not so comfortable as a proper bed but better than sleeping on the ground. The bed felt pretty much the same after leaving it inflated overnight and not much if any air seemed to have been lost.

The only real problem I found was getting it back into the rather small carry bag. It was clearly packed in a very particular way to get it in there so that it look attractive and bulge free. I repacked mine slowly and carefully indoors on a hard surface taking care to fold it slowly squeezing out the air as I went and although did go back inside eventually it was no easy job. I daresay with practise it will become easier but it is not a task I would like to do outdoors in the rain.

This is a clever and well made device and allows you get a full length single bed or reasonable comfort into a carry bag the size of a sliced loaf. At a penny under £46 I cannot say it is inexpensive but then what price do you put on a nights sleep?
The Good
Easy to inflate
Folds up small for storage
Good inflation valve system

The Bad
Difficult to get back into carry bag
No User Guide

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