Premium Series Waterproof Dry Bag from OUTAD

Anyone familiar with old films about the war at sea will recognize what this is. It is like the kitbag the sailors used to carry and store their possessions in, a sort of oversized duffle bag. But this is more than that. It is designed to keep the water out even from brief immersions in water and would be perfect for those going on yachting or other maritime adventures where there is a possibility of yourself and your kitbag coming into contact with the water.

There are two sizes of sack available, 30L and the smaller 20L size which I selected. It is also available in green and orange as well as blue. The colours are bright and easily seen should the bag go over the side.

The bag arrived simply presented in tough reusable plastic bag with an information card about the product and how to use it. There are also instructions printed on the sack itself. The sack has waist and shoulder straps, a semi rigid sealing strip and a locking clasp.

Using it is easier to do than to explain but once completed the first time it is simple enough. Press the sealing strip shut and fold over the top of the bag across and then over itself several times and then clasp shut. For best results do not overfill it. Once shut it seems pretty secure and is proof against the elements and even brief immersions in water. Hopefully if it falls in the sea you should have a few minutes to retrieve it before water gets in.

Build quality is first rate. It is made of a heavy duty waterproof laminated fabric that feels rubberised. It is tough and robust but soft enough to fold easily. The material is certainly tear proof and resistant to stabbing and sharp objects too I would say.

At £42.99 for the 20L and £49.99 for the 30L is by no means inexpensive but you get what you pay for and this is a quality piece of kit that should give years of heavy duty use.

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