Compact Portable Mini Air Dehumidifier, from LUJII

I have seen quite a few 500ml dehumidifiers very similar to this one and they all seem to perform pretty much the same for the same price. This one is no exception and does a good job within the limitations of its small size and capacities.

Having just added a conservatory to out house and being new it is still rather prone to damp. After construction we used a large sized dehumidifier to dry out the plaster to prepare it for painting. That done we needed something smaller and more discreet for use in the winter when condensation can be a problem. This little device does the trick nicely and we keep it going all night to keep things dry. In the summer I doubt it will be needed and so we again wanted a unit small enough to be easily stored away without taking up too much space.

The dehumidifier arrived well packaged in a mid market style box attractive enough to be suitable as a gift. Inside was the device itself, a UK power adapter with cable, and a well written and easy to read large format User Guide. I include the User Guide as a scan on the end of my unboxing video.

The unit is very similar to large one we already have but simply scaled down in size. On the front is are two LED status lights, one to show the unit is operating, the other to show when the tank is full. The 500ml tank is accessed from the front and can be easily and quickly removed for emptying. There is a tiny rubber plug on top of the tank which needs to be released for draining. The small tank may need emptying at least once a day and there is no way to vary the dehumidification level, it is a simple On/Off system. As you might expect in a small budget unit there is no provision for a permanent drain tube.

So far the little unit is working well and the tank fills up every day and the conservatory feels warmer and dryer. For a larger room a bigger device would be needed but for a small conservatory cupboard,or bedroom this would be fine. The current Amazon price of £29.99 is an attractive one and makes this a good buy for anyone with a problem similar to ours.

If you have a serious condensation problem or your house is damp throughout then this unit will not be able to cope with it. For a small room or conservatory that feels a bit damp sometimes then this will do the job.

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