Lightweight Folding Tripod Stool from OUTAD

This small but robust traditional style camping stool from OUTAD arrived simply packed in a plastic bag within

a jiffy bag. It keeps the cost down but by using such basic packaging they tend to make the item appear to be

lower quality than it actually is and reduce the appeal of the product as a gift. There was no documentation of any kind included with the stool and although it is self evident how to use it a colourful glossy product sheet will make the item seem more upmarket.

The stool folds up with the three legs together to reduce bulk. Unlike the fold flat style of garden stool this one when folded takes up less surface area and will easily slip inside a rucksack or can be secured to the outside and carried like a small camera tripod. It is a pity no carry bag was included but it does come with a Velcro strap to secure the legs in place when folded. It also has a carry strap which can be used over the shoulder or secure it to a rucksack. At just 1.6 Lbs it is hard to tell you even have it in the rucksack.

It takes just a moment to assemble it and once done so it is surprisingly comfortable to sit on. It has non slip gripping feet to stop it sliding around on ice or snow. The seat is made from Seat Material: 600D Oxford Cloth and feels very tough and safe from accidental cuts or abrasions.

This little camping stool from OUTAD is perfect for camping trips and anytime you venture into the great outdoors. At just £13.99 currently on Amazon it has to be a good buy.

The |Good
Great build quality
Great Price
Attractive design
Carry strap
Non slip feet
Velcro securing strap
Fold flat for carrying

The Bad
No Carry Bag
Poor packaging

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