Maxesla Wireless Doorbell System

Our old bell having failed at last it was time to find a replacement and this little unit from Maxesla caught my

eye as did the budget price tag. For less than £10 I was not expecting too much but in fact this set ticks all the

boxes needed for my small terraced house.

The kit arrived packed in a robust but plain cardboard box devoid of labels or product information. Whilst it is no

doubt better for the planet to adopt this eco friendly approach it does reduce the appeal of the item as a gift.
Inside the box was the bell push with battery pre installed, ringer unit with UK plug, a small screwdriver, double sided sticky pad mount and a User Guide. The User Guide is well written, nicely printed and in good English. I enclose a copy on the end of my unboxing video. The ‘ring bell’ sticker/nameplate mentioned in the blurb here was not included in the kit I received.

Build quality seems fine. Everything is made of plastic but feels well well made and robust. Nothing seems flimsy

and there are no rough seams or joints. The bell push is IP55 waterproof, which means it is fine even in heavy rain but do not immerse it in water. The bell push has a proper clicky easy to see button. The doorbell uses a non standard 12V/23A battery of a type I have seen before but that is not always easy to find. Remember to take note of the battery model before searching for a replacement. The ringer unit has an integral UK plug and again seems well made and robust. On the side are a Volume button and and Up and Down buttons to select which of the fifty five ringer sounds you want. The tradition Ding-Dong default is the best in my opinion. On the front of the ringer are two blue light panels that illuminate when ringing, handy for the hard of hearing. The ringer unit is not waterproof so don’t be tempted to use it on an outdoor socket. What is the mini screwdriver for that was included in the box? I can only assume it is to prise open the bell push box to access the battery, which is what I used it for.

Mounting it was very simple as could be using the double sided sticky mount. If you plan to mount onto an uneven surface then you might have a problem as there are no precut screw holes.The range is fine with 500fit indoors and 1000ft outdoors being claimed and I have no reason to doubt this.

This simple and easy to fit little doorbell should be perfect for a small house or flat. It works straight from the

box with virtually no setup needed. The current Amazon Prime price of £8.59 really could not be any lower. If you
need a simple and no nonsense wireless doorbell then I doubt you would find much better than this.

The Good
Great price
Good build quality
Loud Bell
Easy to configure
Excellent User Guide
Battery pre installed

The Bad
No option for additional ringers
No screw fit option for bell push
Low end packaging
Non standard battery

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