KALIER 100 LED String Lights with Remote Controller

I have tried many sets of copper string lights similar to these but no so many of them come with remote controls and

few are available for less than ten pounds as this new set from KALIER are. I selected the warm white option but a cool white version i also available.

Inside the plain but robust brown cardboard was the string set themselves with hard wired battery box and the

credit card sized remote control. No User Guide is included, although none is really needed. It is a pity the packaging is so plain as although it is eco friendly and no doubt better for the planet it does reduce the appeal of the item as a gift and makes it look less attractive than in fact it is.
Although no User Guide is included both the remote control and battery box are clearly labelled with the various lighting options. There are eight flashing light modes available plus a single eight hours on/sixteen hours off timer.

The unit is powered by three AA batteries (no supplied) housed in a tough plastic box with clip on seals. We are told the box is water resistant and proof against spills but no formal IP Enclosure Rating is given. I would suppose the box would be fine for normal outdoor use. It is a pity there is no socket for USB or mains power adapter use.

The hardest thing about using the string is actually getting unraveled as it is supplied wound into a bundle rather than a round a cardboard core. I found it was difficult to avoid tangles and snares when getting it unwound. That task done it was easy enough to position it around a small tree in the garden. The lights look equally good when put into a decorative bottle or around curtains and of course on the Christmas tree when that time comes. The lights are warm and bright and have give warmth and ambiance to the room or garden.

For the price this is a good buy and good for garden use in summer and around the Tree in winter.

The Good
Great price
Battery operation

The Bad
No User Guide
Batteries not included
String hard to unravel
No IP Enclosure Rating
No mains or USB power options

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