Magnetic Door Insect Screen by MY CARBON

Every summer the flies and bugs seem to be determined to take up residence in our kitchen and over the years we have tried various ways to keep them out. The last screen we used was similar in many way to this one under review from MY CARBON but was more expensive and due to having several mesh hanging strips rather than the two here never worked as well as I would have liked.

The screen arrived simply packed in a reusable storage bag inside of which was the screen itself, a self adhesive roll of Velcro tape, a small pack of thumb tacks and a large and easy to read User Guide. I enclose a copy of the User Guide on the end of my unboxing video.

The mesh screen is a single large sheet wide enough for any standard fitting door with a reinforced opening down the centre and held together at the top. There are lightweight magnetic inserts all the way down both sides of the centre opening and Velcro all away around the top and sides. With out regulation fit back door there was about a foot of excess at the bottom to allow for taller than average door frames.

Fitting could not be simpler and there is very little cutting needed. First just go around the top and sides of the door with the Velcro tape to which the mesh can then attach. It is a simple enough job just to smooth it into place making sure it does not sag at the top and that when hanging the magnetic strips will hold it shut. When fitted correctly the magnets will smoothly clip themselves shut after opening the mesh to pass through. Some thumbtacks are included for use with wooden door frames if needed. It took me less than ten minutes to fit the screen inn place. It may be necessary to trim the bottom excess if needed.

In the winter the mesh can be easily unpeeled from the door frame tape for storage. The mesh can be washed on a delicate wash or by hand ready for storage for next year.

This is a well made kit, the mesh is quite thick and robust although allows almost all the light and air but non of the bugs to pass. There is little danger of it tearing and so far no sign of it sagging.

At the current Amazon price of £12.95 I doubt you will find a better way of defeating the insects and summer bugs.

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