GAOMON M106K Professional Drawing Graphics Tablet

GAOMON products rival the market leaders in quality and presentation but beat them considerably on price. From my initial assessment it seems this new M106K graphics tablets seems to be maintaining that tradition.

The tablet comes across as a quality product from the start. The packaging and presentation is to the highest standards and it has the feel of a premium piece of kit from the start. Opening the box inside there is the tablet itself, Rechargeable Pen (with pen cap), a small felt pouch (with spare Pen tips inside), Pen charging cable, USB cable, Quick Start Guide, The only thing missing for me at any rate is a slip case to store the device and accessories in between sessions and to protect the writing surface. No full User Guide was included but this can be downloaded from the product website. Usually I scan the User Guide and include it on the end of my review for the benefit of prospective purchasers but in this case the Guide is too long but I have scanned the Quick Start guide which gets the tablet up and running.

Build quality is first rate and up there with Wacom and other pro level hardware. Everything you need to use the device is included but you do need to visit the website to download the drivers and User Guide. It is a pity these could not be supplied on a disk or USB card as rival manufacturers do. At least this means, I suppose, that only the most up to date drivers can be installed. Here are some of the more crucial technical specifications of the unit: active writing area 10″ x 6.25″, Resolution 5080 LPI, pen pressure 2048 Levels, Report Rate 233 PPS, Express Keys 12, Function Keys 16. I have to say again that this really does have the look and feel of a premium level device. I would think that only the very high end of professional users or those with money to burn would think the difference in price between this and the WACOM or other equivalent.

Using it on my lowly and under powered testing Windows 10 PC was no problem once the drivers were installed. Remember to remove the drivers from any other tablets you may have before installing these to avoid conflicts. No restart was needed and I was soon able to start using the device. There was no need to make any special settings to my PC or to the tablet. I just plugged it in, installed the drivers, and started using it at once. I found it to be very responsive to pen pressure and very smooth to use with no scratchiness or excess resistance. I have been using it a fair amount for the last couple of days days with no sign yet of the pen battery running down. The twelve Express Keys are are large and easy to find and identify and the soft touch functions keys are soon remembered, if you actually need to use them. The tablet can be swapped over from left to right handed operation, not a feature of use to me but lefties out there will find it a boon.

One minor annoyance is that it uses a mii-USB connection socket rather than the newer and more common micro-USB but at least it does not uses a non standard proprietary cable as some rivals do. Another mild annoyance is the lack of a soft case to protect the delicate working surface and keep the pen and cables safe.

This is a high quality professional piece of kit available at a price that any digital artist would be crazy to ignore. Why pay WACOM prices

The Good
Great build quality
Excellent printed Mac/PC User Guide
8GB SD card pre installed
Quick and easy to install
Smooth and fluid in operation

The Bad
No slip case
No User Guide
No graphics glove
Drivers and User Guide must be downloaded
Uses Mini-USB socket

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