Maxesla USB 3.1 Type-C to USB 3.0 Type-A Female Adaptor

This new USB 3.1 to USB-C adaptor from Maxesla arrived simply packaged in a reusable plastic bag and with no additional packaging or instructions. Neither are strictly needed but both go towards giving the impression of it being a quality product as indeed the build quality shows it to be.

The cable is quite short at just h: 7.8 inches but for most uses this should be ample. The cable seems robust and well made and unlikely to snap or break anytime soon. The USB 3.1 socket has the usual blue band to show it is USB 3 and is again tough and heavy duty as is the USB -c plug on the other end. The socket has a brushed steel effect which gives it a high end feel.

I used it with my Nexus 6P phone which allows me to connect it to any standard charger or other device. Charging rates seem as fast as when connected using the Google supplied original cable. It also works fine for data transfer too.

As more and more computers and phones are changing from USB 2 and 3 to USB-C we will all start needing adaptors such as this one. The current Amazon price of £5.88 including Prime shipping mays this a very enticing buy.

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