TrueWireless Bluetooth Earphones Mindkoo Earteana TWS-17

I already have a set of true wireless earphones, Jabra Elite Sport , but since they cost me £229 I am reluctant to to take them on vigorous sporting activities in case they get lost. I love the truly wireless experience and so have been looking around for a less expensive pair to take canoeing and mountain biking. I chose the white version but black and multi coloured models are also available. I have to say that this relatively budget priced set from Mindkoo at £49.99 come close to to fitting the bill. During this review I will compare them to the Jabra set, viewed by many as the current market leaders in this form factor. I show side by side view of the two rival products in my video.

Opening the box it does remind somewhat of the over elaborate Jabra packaging but scaled down somewhat in size and lacking the premium feel of the high end rivals. Looking inside can be found the two earbuds, marked clearly as Left and Right, Charging Case, a super short micro-USB to USB charging cable, male micro-USB to female USB adaptor, four sets of earbuds in various sizes(one set is already fitted), User Guide. The User Guide is well written and easy to read and I attach a scan of it to my unboxing video.

The earbuds arrived fully charged and the first job was to pair them to my Android phone. This was easy enough. Press the button on each earpiece to allow them to pair together then when Bluetooth is switched on in your phone look for the Eartana signal to pair to. There are confirmation voice prompts and Red/Blue LED’s. Simple though that is I must say the Jabra set is easier still since it arrives with the earbuds already paired. After use just return them to the charging case and they will begin charging automatically from the internal Lithium Polymer 2000mAh battery inside the charger. The charger itself can be topped up using the supplied mini USB cable but there is no need to connect this to charge the earbuds which means you can keep the earbuds topped up with the case in your pocket when on the move. When charging the translucent lid of the case allows the charging LEDs of the buds to be clearly seen. The case can also be used as an emergency Power bank to charge your phone using the supplied cable and OTG adaptor also supplied.

Turning now to sound I found that like the Jabra the audio is of decent quality but lacking in bass. I would not suggest buying these or the Jabras for listening to music at home. The sound quality is perfectly crisp and clear with plenty of mid range detail but those looking for a Dr Dre bass boom will not be satisfied. That said I would expect that most people considering this headset would be those looking to use them when running, commuting to work or in other situations where wires of any sort would be a nuisance. I wear them when running and dog walking and the sound quality for my needs is everything I need. Speech is clear and easy to hear and music sounds fine too apart from being a bit light in the bass. Other true wireless earphones almost all seem to have this drawback so paying more will not get you more.

The Jabras have built a built in heart rate monitor which works but is too inaccurate for use by serious runners. I keep it switched off. There is also an excellent sports and tracking accompanying app but I never use it due to the HRM issues. So the lack of these with the Mindoo TWS earbuds is no problem for me. To charge these earbuds when in the case you need to press the charging button whereas the Jabras start charging as soon as the lid is closed. You need to press the headset button to turn the set on here but the Jabras turn on and connect as soon as the charging case lid is opened. This makes this set a little harder to use but it is no big deal.

This is an excellent headset. The sound quality is more or less the same as my £229 Jabras and this headset is only slightly less easy to configure and use. This set lacks the tracking and sports features of the expensive set but I suspect few users will will miss them as on the Jabras these features don’t work too well anyway.

Once you have used truly wireless earbuds you will find it difficult to return to old style ones. This set is very nearly the equal of market leading rivals costing four times as much and I for one would be just as happy with these and the extra £150 in my pocket.
The Good
Great price
Power bank option
Voice prompts
OTG cable
Slightly smaller in size than expensive rivals

The Bad
No tracking or sporting features
Average sound quality
No auto on

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