Portable Multi-Function Car Jump Starter Powerbank by Maxesla

This attractive and cleverly designed unit from Maxesla arrived attractively presented in a stylish mid market box. It did not come looking like a budget device which at £49.99 it certainly is.

You get plenty of kit for your money. Apart from the main Power Bank itself there is the jump lead battery crocodile clamp set, a UK plug mains charger, a car charging adaptor, a selection of notebook type power plugs with a short connecting cable, a multi headed USB charging cable for external devices,a semi rigid zipped protective storage case, a well printed and easy to read but rather basic and poorly translated User Guide. I attach a copy of the User Guide to my unboxing video. Build quality of everything looks first rate and it all fits well into the case, unlike some rivals I have tried in which contents once extracted can never be replaced neatly. The robust case contains all the kit provided with the charger with elastic tags to secure the components within.

The powerbank itself packs a capacious 14000mAh, more than enough to start your car, charge your phone several times over and even power up a couple of tablets. The charging output of the single standard sized USB port is at a respectable 5V/2.1A . The Power bank itself can be charged by the supplied mains and car cigar lighter adaptors but there is no option to charge using an external USB port, which is a pity. The device has a two way OFF/ON switch which means you can see at a glance if the unit is turned on or not. This is better than the single button press that most rival units have. The built in torch is very powerful and as they all do has three settings including an SOS mode, which I doubt anybody has ever actually found to be of any use. A wide selection of plug adaptors are supplied to allow a range of laptops to be charged. Note that Macbooks, which require (I think) 21 volts are not supported. A multi headed cable is included to charge phones and laptops but although it does feature the now outdated Apple interface it does not have a USB-C plug.

Charging the car is easier than you might think and is well covered in the well printed User Guide once you get through the poorly translated text. The supplied jump leads are short, a longer set would be better but then they do not need to be the length of conventional jump leads. You would not think a battery this size would have the capability to start a car but it can! You can select a DC output of 12V/16V/19V with Start Current of 200A
and aPeak Current of 400A which should be enough to get most cars going. Once you have got the car started you can use the supplied car power input adaptor to top up the Power bank’s battery.

This is an excellent all round battery emergency kit and should be in the boot of every car. Not only will it start the car if the vehicle battery fails but it can also power up your phone, tablet or laptop. The poorly translated User Guide would normally mean the loss of a star but the current budget price compensates for these shortcomings.

The Good
Good build quality
Good price
Decent range of accessories
Laptop charging provision
Multiple laptop plug adaptors
Built in three mode torch
LED battery status display
USB charging port
12v, 16v and 19v power options
Hazard lights

The Bad
No USB charging input
Jump leads rather short
Cannot charge Macbooks
Poorly translated User Guide
No USB-C output adaptor
Single USB output port
Poorly translated User Guide

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