Long Plus 3-in-1 800W 20 Speed Hand Blender

I always used to avoid budget imported good, especially kitchen gadgets as they tended to be cheaply made and shoddily put together. Those days are gone and increasingly Chinese made products are every bit as good as the more prestigious and better known rivals. This is a case in point as this blender could easily have come from Tefal or any other better known make although not at the current Amazon price of £39.99, which is not cheap but good value for the quality of the item.

In the attractive mid market box was the blender itself, 500ml mixing bowl with removable blade and cover, 800ml blender beaker, whisk with adaptor head, blender bar, User Guide. The large and easy to read User Guide in good English I attach to my unboxing video.

It all seems well made and robust although I would have rather had the mixing bowl and beaker made from glass rather than plastic but I suppose this would add significantly to both cost and weight. The body of the device has a silk finish and feels good in the hand. The blades and switches are made from metal and seem robust and built to last.

Using this device is pretty much the same as with others of this type. The whisk fastens into place using the whisk adaptor head but fastens directly onto the mixing bowl cover or blender bar head. There are two buttons on the side one for motor On/Off the other for pulse Turbo speed. On the base of the blender is a rotary twenty speed dial for use when the device is in standard mode using button one. The motor runs at 500w in normal operation and 800w when in Turbo mode. It certainly packs some power. My video shows how ice cubes can be turned into snow in just seconds. It does a great job of chopping up fruit, vegetables small enough for any culinary purpose. Great for smoothies too of course.

This would be perfect for a person living alone with the space for a full sized food mixer and blender. The 500ml bowl makes a good helping for one person and is great for chopping salads or vegetables. One minor niggle is that the spring loaded mixing bowl blade can get clogged up when filling the bowl preventing the top from locking but I found that once you get the knack for it you can get around this.

This is a well made good quality kitchen gadget and would be perfect for the small kitchen or those living alone.

The Good
Good Price
Great build quality
Attractive silk finish body

The Bad
Plastic Bowl and jug
Spring loaded blade can jam
Cheaper rivals available

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