SUVOM 23 Inch LCD Monitor


My old monitor was too small and also getting a bit tired and old so it was time for a replacement. I am not a gamer and don’t need a super fast all singing all dancing monitor just one with a decent image quality that would not break the bank. I saw this new 23 incher discounted down to just £99.89 and decided to give it a try.

Inside the rather plain product box was the monitor itself, an external PSU with UK plug, a standard VGA-VGA cable, monitor stand, and a large but poor printed User Guide. I attach a scan of the User Guide, for what good it may do you, at the end of the unboxing video.

Build quality seems fine if a bit lightweight as you would expect in this price. However, it all seems pretty robust and there is nothing that looks likely to fail anytime soon.
On the rear of the monitor is a connection bay with VGA, HDMI, audio in and power sockets. On the back too is what I at first thought was a ventilation grill but in fact turns out to be a row six buttons: Power, Down, Up, Menu, Auto. I struggled at first to find the power on switch until I realised what this button bay was. A larger and easier to access Power button would be nice preferably on the side or front bezel.

Getting the monitor on the stand was simple and the screen can be rotated forwards and back as well as side to side enough for normal use. The stand seems firm enough but will wobble a bit when you adjust it or plug cables in but then this is a budget monitor and you have to expect that. The finish is all in piano black and the medium sized bezels and monitor stand are fingerprint magnets. For myself I would preferred a silk or matt finish.

Getting it plugged in and connected was obvious enough and took about five minutes. I did not bother with the VGA cable but instead used my own Displayport to HDMI cable which hopefully should give better results since uses a digital signal. It worked perfectly and the picture quality is excellent. The picture is razor sharp but I found the picture a bit bright for my taste and so I tried to adjust using the rear panel buttons. I got there in the end but I am still not quite sure how as the User Guide is a generic one for a number of models and gives no advice about how the controls work. Pressing the MENU button brings up a control panel with Luminence, Colour Temperature, Colour Boost, Picture Boost, OSD (On Screen Display) Setup, Extra, Reset, Exit. I know from bitter experience that bad things can happen when playing with some of the more arcane monitor settings so I will leave well alone for the time being. The picture is fully configurable however and has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio, with a 2 ms response time. As to be expected from a budget non gaming monitor there is no external control box to access the settings or presets.

The monitor has a built in speaker and although the sound is a bit tinny and lacking in bass, as to be expected in a monitor this thin, nevertheless it is clear, loud, and easy to listen to. I had planned to use an external speaker but probably will not as all I need the speaker for is to monitor the audio on my videos and to listen to Youtube or the radio in the background when working. For this it is perfectly adequate.

To me this monitor has two good selling points: the excellent picture quality and the fantastic price. Had it been twice the price I might complain about the lightweight construction, hard to access and confusing controls and the poor User Guide. However, the price and image quality more than make up for these shortfalls and make this a fantastic buy.

If you need a budget monitor with a great picture then this could be for you.

The Good
Great price
Excellent image quality
Built in speaker
HDMI port
The Bad
Poor User Guide
Hard to operate control panel
Lightweight build quality
No Microphone
No DVI port
No Displayport
Power button hard to find

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