6X24 High Definition Binoculars by Tsumbay

I am no expert on binoculars but I am an avid walker and like to keep a pair in my shoulder bag to use when I am out and about. However, although these serve perfectly well as binoculars I think their real appeal lies in their charming old school design. They would look great when worn to Steampunk conventions or similar gatherings.
The binoculars arrived very nicely packaged in a simple plain cardboard box. This is a pity as it makes the product looks cheap and low end which it is not and seriously diminishes the appeal of the item as a gift. Inside the box aside from the binoculars themselves was a leather carry case, lanyard, cleaning cloth, cleaning brush, and a User Guide. The User Guide is not really much use but I attach to my unboxing video so make of of it what you will.

The build quality seems first to me. There was no sign of any production problems, no chaff or swarf left over adhering to the binoculars and from top to bottom the construction seems exemplary. The carry case is slightly padded inside and is beautifully made from reinforced leather. The leather of the case and especially the lanyard and eye cover straps are very new and quite rigid. Over time they will soften up and get the patina of age to accompany the binoculars but straight from the box they will need some time to age and break in. The binoculars themselves have a leather eyepiece cover attached by straps and are made from what seems to be brass and aged looking crocodile skin effect plastic. The hard leather eyepiece cover looks great but does tend to get in the way. The metal construction makes the binoculars robust and impact resistant.

Using the binoculars is easy enough. Each eyepiece has a separate focusing adjustment to allow for the variation between the eyes although annoyingly there are no dioptre markings on the binoculars to show what the adjustment is. The binoculars fold at the apex to allow for the distance between the eyes. One feature the binoculars have is a range-finding scale in the field of view which allows you to calculate the either the distance to a given object of a known size or the size of viewed object if you know the distance. I found the image to bright and sharp with no colour fringing or other obvious optical aberrations. They are light enough for easy use but weighty enough to give a quality feel and to hold easily to the eyes for sustained periods without trembling. At 6×24 they are vibration free when hand held and fine for bird watching and general use..

This is a good quality pair of binoculars fine for general purpose use. I would say the appeal they have would be for their looks and fine construction as much as for their optical qualities. Although are perfectly optically many general purpose users might favour a less unusual design. Not me, I love the retro chic look. The price is currently unavailable but I would expect them to be in the £30-£40 range.

The Good
Good build quality
Good optics
Attractive and unusual Steampunk design
Rigid padded carry case

The Bad
No dioptre markings for lens adjustment
Case too small
Leather straps too rigid
No eyepiece cups
Eyepiece cover gets in the way.
Poor User Guide

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