LX7 Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I was looking for a small sized Bluetooth speaker to use with my phone and I ordered this one not paying too much attention to the size and so was amazed when it arrived to see just how small it was. At just 45mm square it really is matchbox size but it produces a really big punchy sound.

Inside the reasonably rather austere display box was the speaker itself, a USB charging cable, and a User Guide. The don’t really need much of a User Guide for a speaker but the supplied guide is well printed and easy to read. I enclose a copy on the end of my unboxing video, switch to full screen and pause when needed to read it.

Build quality is excellent and the speaker has a quality up market feel to it. The speaker is a perfect cube with a grill effect on four of the six sides. On one face is the single button/LED with a micro-USB charging port next to it. On the top is the NFC pairing sensor. That’s it, no track or volume controls. All the other features found with many Bluetooth speakers are not to be found either. No AUX in port, TF card slot, Power bank, FM radio or carry case. Given the price and size of this little speaker who could expect such luxuries? This little speaker does one job and very well too.

Configuring the speaker for Bluetooth pairing is easy enough thanks to the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology. It paired first time my Nexus 6P phone and connected automatically when rebooted. No voice prompts, which is a pity, but just the usual flashing LED. The connection is stable with decent range and I experienced no drop outs in use.

Sound quality from this speaker is fantastic for the size. No it will not fil the Albert Hall but it does a great job in my home office and although the speaker is tiny it packs a real punch and without being tinny or abrasive.
Battery life with my limited testing seems fine and it is good for many hours between charges.

The unusual design, great build quality and £14.99 price make this an appealing buy and the excellent price makes a must have.
The Good
Great Build quality
Good sound quality
Bluetooth 4.1
Nonslip base

The Bad
No AUX in port
No TF card
No track controls
No volume controls
No powerbank feature
No carry case
No FM radio
No voice prompts

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