DEFEWAY 720P 8 Channel Video Surveillance System


Only a few years ago a system such as this would have set you back several hundred pounds. Seeing it available here now at the current price of less than £175 reflects just how quickly both the technology and the market for it has changed.

The system arrived in a single rather heavy box. In fact the box required was far smaller than I was expecting and not the suitcased size behemoth I feared.  I even managed to get all back inside the box after testing and so it could be used to store the or transport the system if needed.

Inside the outer box was the DVR control box with an EU two pin 12V/2A power supply, eight cameras, four camera 12V/2A Power Adapters with UK plugs (not juat the two listed), eight 60ft 18.3M Video BNC Power/Video cables, USB mouse, two 4 to 1 power cable splitters, Remote control, Camera Setup Guide, DVR User Guide. A second EU DVR power adaptor was also included in my kit, perhaps as an oversight.

Build quality of everything seems first rate. The cameras are made of aluminium with what seems to be a good quality glass lens, lens shade, integral 24 LED i/r night illumination array. They seem well made and robust. The cameras are rated IP66 which is dust tight and protected against powerful jets of water. The cabling and plugs all seem to be equally tough and of good quality. The User Guide is large and well laid out and in colour. I usually include a scan of the User Guide with my unboxing video but not in this case as it is too long but although it is possible to get the system up and running without it for best it is worth taking the time to study it in depth.

There are a good range of ports and interfaces on the rear of the DVR: eight BNC camera ports, audio out, audio in, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, two USB 2.0, Power in, RS485 serial driver port to connect other third party security equipment.

This system comes with no Hard Drive built in – other models in the range have one pre installed – but fitting one is not hard and the User Guide shows how to do this. You will need a 3.5” or 2.5” (with mount adaptor) SATA drive of up to 4TB in size. Fitting it is an easy task and just requires connecting two interfaces, no soldering needed. The system will work without a hard drive as in my video but only to show live video with no recording option.

It is a fault of mine I know but I always assemble the equipment and power it up first before reading the User Guide. I did did this here after installing the hard drive and, yes, it worked! I was instantly watching the video stream. This has to be one of the easiest systems to use I have ever tried. Consulting the manual shows that a large range of options are available suitable for the advanced and even professional user, most of which are not needed by the home user and best left alone.

As well as viewing the cameras with a monitor connected to the DVR control box (VGA or HDMI), you can also connect to it using Internet Explorer or the CMS Client application over the internet or when at home. In addition the N_eye iPhone or Android app can be installed to view and control the cameras from you phone or tablet. The system has scheduled and live motion detection and if you have the system connected to the internet and use the phone app it can send you emails and live pushes when the system is alerted. Alert recordings are saved to the hard drive or you can even set the system to record continuously to a loop – useful for shops or businesses – and back up recordings can be made to devices connected to the second USB port on the DVR.

The User Guide does not make it clear but I would guess that third party cameras and other equipment could be connected if they use the same BNC plug system. I think the DVR software also supports full PTZ cameras as well as the static ones supplied here.

Video quality is first rate and the enhanced 720P gives clear and sharp images fine both for general viewing and security use. Night illumination is good and excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.

The lack of wifi makes it less interest to many home users and they would probably favour a less centralised system. Neatly installing a full eight camera wired system is no easy task and not a job undertaken lightly.
However, f you have a shop or other small business that needs 24 hour video surveillance with easy access live monitoring then this would be an excellent choice. The professional level build quality makes it additionally appealing for the business user as does the excellent price.

This is an excellent system available at a remarkable price.

The Good
Great price
Good build quality
Good User Guide
Easy to set up
Excellent quality video
Night Vision
i/r Cut filter
Email alert
IP66 waterproof cameras
Option to fit third party cameras
Web access
Mobile phone app
Motion detection
Motion Detection
USB backup option

The Bad
No wifi camera option
IE control needed for full web access
No UK plug adaptor supplied for DVR
No batteries for remote control supplied

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