SOOJET TM04 6000 Lumen LED Flashlight



At a full 6000 lumens output and with a heavy duty all metal construction this has to be one of the most powerful and toughest torches I have ever used. At a current price of £39.99 it is by no means inexpensive but is it worth the money?

The torch arrived in a plain brown cardboard box, eco friendly and good for the planet I know but it does tend to devalue the product somewhat and makes it less attractive as a gift. Inside the box was just the torch itself and four rechargeable 18650 batteries. These batteries when bought separately can be £8 or £9 each whcih makes the torch less costly than it seems at first. No instruction guide was included and in fact no paperwork of any kind was in the box. A User Guide would been handy to determine the precise output of the torch as the Amazon product page at one point says it is 6000 and elsewhere that it has 6800 lumens output.

The torch is actually rather smaller than I was expecting but is still quite chunky and too large to fit into your pocket. The torch certainly looks and feels impressive with an anodised aircraft aluminium construction that makes it feel like a professional if not military piece of kit. It is rated IP43 weather resistant, which means that it is rain and shower proof but do not immerse it in water nor turn a water jet on it. The single switch has a tough and positive feel to it when clicked. The torch has four separate lights and when looking at the lenses it really does look like four standard sized torches and have been bonded together. The large battery compartment unscrews easily and positively from the body of the torch to allow space for up to four 18650 batteries. I say ‘up to’ because one killer feature of the torch is that it will work with just one or two batteries inserted, you do not need to use all four batteries to operate it although of course with all four it will illuminate longer and more brightly.

Using the torch is simple enough. Pressing the button will cycle through the three brightness levels and press and hold to enter the flashing SOS mode. The light although very bright is fairly diffuse and covers a wide area but it cannot be focused or zoomed, which is a pity

This is a powerful and well made torch built to professional standards. It is immensely powerful and clearly built to last. It may be too large and too powerful for home use but for camping trips or outdoor use it is perfect. It has a few shortcomings but the build quality and powerful output more than makes up for these. If you want a high power torch I doubt you will find better for the price.

The Good
Great build quality
Powerful light output
Emergency use with just one battery
Four batteries supplied

The Bad
Poor packaging
No User guide
Non focusing beam
No zoom facility
No battery charger
No carry case

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