Sourcingbay M932 Dual Band 3G Desk Phone from Jeasun

This phone resembles a conventional office phone at first sight until you see the large antenna on one side. Although it has most of the features of a desktop business phone it uses the 3G network to make and receive calls.

The phone arrived in a mid market style product box inside op which was the phone itself, the handset, UK power adaptor, and a well printed but poorly translated User Guide

Setting the phone up was easy enough. After charging the battery vi the micro USB slot on the side for four hours as advised remove the access plate on the underside of the phone to insert the full sized SIM card to the slot below the battery. The battery is replaceable and can be bought separately if needed. Replace the cover, insert the handset cord, ensure the mains adaptor is connected correctly, position the phone in an area of known good 3G reception and power the phone on by pressing and holding the red Off/On button until the LCD screen lights up. The phone will then search for and find the 3G mobile signal for the SIM card. You can power the phone using the supplied mains adaptor or by the built in battery which should give you about 72 hors on standby or six hours talk time. The battery backup is handy in the event of a power cut or if you wanted to use the phone outside.

Using the phone is pretty much the same as with a normal office phone other than sending and receiving SMS messages for which it has a dedicated key. The usual memory and call handling features are supported and the phone has a 300 number contact list.

This phone will work on any UK 3G network on the 850 or 2100MHz bands. All the major UK networks support one or both of these bands. However, before buying it is crucial to check that the location you plan to use the phone in has 3G reception, there are a still a few far flung places that do not. Unlike some more expensive models this phone does not support 4G or the older 2G frequencies.

I found using the phone was exactly the same as using a normal phone and I soon forgot I was even using the mobile network. Reception was better than with my normal mobile phone in the same spot, perhaps due to the large sized antenna.

If you need a traditional phone to use on a mobile network, perhaps for an elderly person unable to manage a small normal sized mobile phone, this would be an excellent buy. The price at just £45.99 makes it an all the more attractive buy.

The Good
Good price
Standard office style design
Sends SMS messages
Rechargeable battery
UK power adaptor included
Standard size SIM card
Speakerphone option
300 contact phone book
Caller ID
20 number calls memory
Supports Call Waiting/ Call Transfer
Alarm clock
Pin code access
Removable battery

The Bad
No 2G/4g support
Mono LCD screen
User Guide badly translated

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