Votones Child friendly Bluetooth headset


Currently priced at a shade under £20 this striking looking budget headset from Votones arrived attractively packaged in a small and attractively designed display box clearly aimed at the youth market. Inside the box aside from the headset itself were a standard mini-jack to mini-jack audio cable, a short USB to micro USB charging cable, a User Guide and guarantee slip. No carry bag was included, which was a pity.

The headset is a bright shade of pink with white inlay and certainly grabs the eye. The build quality feels a bit lightweight and flimsy but then that is reflected in the price. The ear-cup padding is decent if not luxurious as is that for the headband but unlike with many budget headsets there are no visible trailing wires leading to the earcups. That aside, the construction quality seems OK to me with no sign of the padding on the band working loose, poor stitching, or weak joints – all elements that have failed on similar headsets I have owned in the past. Time will tell and if something fails in the future I will update the review accordingly.

Perhaps the main selling point of this headset is that it is limited to 85db to protect sensitive young ears and this alone makes the headset an attractive buy. Remarkably for the price it features a buiult in FM radio and a TF card slot and will also work in wired mode using the supplied audio cable. I was also pleased to see a separate Off/On switch, a pleasant change from the annoying MFB long press. The controls are well marked and easy to find by touch, another plus. Aside from the usual track and volume controls there is also a Mode button which scrolls through the various operating modes: Bluetooth, Wired, FM Radio, TF card, Hands Free Calling. There is also an EQ button which scrolls through several sound settings but I found this not particularly effective.

Setting the headset up was quick and easy thanks to the voice guided prompts. The headset automatically goes into pairing mode when first turned on. Just look for VOTONES VT701 on your phone’s Bluetooth settings page and pair in the usual way.

As always the most important feature of any headset is the audio quality, and bearing in mind that this is a budget device I was fairly happy with the sound. There is a decent amount of bass and it is clear, smooth and undistorted. Mid tones are clear and detailed and very easy to listen to. The sound is rather flat but comfortable and never abrasive or sibilant, at least to my ears. The sound is OK, not bad but nothing to write home about.

This a decent set of headphones, lightweight and comfortable to wear with decent sound quality and at a price that cannot be bettered. I would have been happy to have paid more for a more robust build quality but you cannot have everything. These would be a great for use as a backup or as a first set for a youngster.

The Good
Great price
Volume limited to 85db
Good build quality
Wired mode
Folding design
FM Radio
TF card
Attractive design
Voice guided prompts

The Bad
Lightweight build quality
No carry bag

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