MindKoo GT88 Bluetooth touch screen Smart Watch with HRM

Currently I use a Motorola Moto 360 G2 smart watch but I wanted to get something less expensive and to use a backup and so decided on this one due to the low price and advanced features set.

First thing to make clear as this is NOT an Android Wear compatible and neither is it an Apple Watch and it matches these devices neither in features or price. This is a budget device but in fact is from the cheapo poorly made device I feared it might be.

In the simple but attractive box you will find the watch itself, USB proprietary charging cable, mini screwdriver, 4 tiny screws, User Guide. The User Guide is poorly translated, small and hard to read but I enclose a scan of it to my unboxing video. Switch to full screen and pause as required to read it.

This watch can be used either as a stand alone phone and smartwatch using an internal nano SIM card or as an add on to your smart phone interacting with it to display alerts and other information onto the watch screen using a Bluetooth connection. It has a built in 2MB camera, microphone, speaker, can take an internal micro SD card up to 16GB, and a micro SIM card. It offers several health tracking features including a step counter, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder and Heart Rate Monitor. You have a choice of watch faces and User Interface themes. You can play music or video either directly from files stored on the watch or via Bluetooth from your phone. When using the watch with the phone the ‘Fundo Wear’ app has to be installed to the phone to control the watch, interface with it and log the health tracking data. I tested it with the Android version of the app. The watch is rated at a surprisingly good IP57 which means it can be immersed in water briefly up to meter, which I have no intentions of testing but it does mean it should be OK in the rain.

Fitting the optional nano SIM card and microSD card is done by removing the watch back plate and carefully lifting up the battery. This is a fiddly task but only needs doing once and indeed not at all if you do not need to make calls or play music directly from the watch. A set of spare screws and a screwdriver are thoughtfully provided for this.
Take note that the internal SIM card must have 3G support and 3G or 4G only cards will not work. This means the internal SIM will not work on the UK 3 network but of course the phone 3G/4G features will still function.

Pairing with the Bluetooth connection of my Android phone was easy enough and after this I was able to sync my contacts book and other items. I was then able to make and receive phone calls and play music controlled from the watch and receive SMS notifications and notifications from apps such as twitter, Facebook etc.

The watch has surprisingly powerful speaker and I was able to use it to make a phone call more successfully then I expected but for really this feature is best saved for emergencies only as you look and feel a fool when using it.
The 240×240 2MB camera is no better than you might expect and again is not of much practical use. The watch can be used to control the phone camera and maybe one day I may find a use for this too. A more practical use is the lost phone feature which can be used to locate the mislaid phone using Bluetooth.

The watch has a magnetic charging mount similar to that used on more expensive rivals and whilst this is great it means care must be taken not to lose the small non standard charging cable. The phone takes about two hours to charge and it seems that gives about two days of normal use and up to a week on standby.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this watch. For the price I was not expecting much but in fact the watch looks good with a quality feel to it and seems pretty robust. Of course it does not support the full range of Android Wear or Apple features but does do all the basics pretty well. Most notifications are supported as well as music playing and phone call support. The camera is not much use and neither is the internal SIM but both do function after a fashion.
The app is a bit buggy and not made to Google or Apple standards but most users will not need it much.

For the price this is a great buy and if you want a connected watch but don’t fancy paying £250 for it then this would be a great buy.

The Good
Great Build quality
Magnetic charging mount
Lost phone feature
Range of notifications supported
Good bright display
Good battery life
Internal SIM
Internal SD card

The Bad
Proprietary charging cable
Confusing and poorly designed User Guide
Poor quality camera
Poor quality Android app
No 3G or 4G internal SIM support


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