4 x 70mm Castor Cups by love your wood

I needed something to elevate some of the furniture in our conservatory by just a few millimetres so that our robotic vacuum cleaner could pass underneath and I had hoped that a set of these items might do the trick. Sadly that was not the case as the boost was not quite enough to do the job, However, I was quite impressed by the design and build quality of these carpet protectors which do seem to offer some real padding and protection.

Each unit consists of a plastic base with a thick felt pad on top. They seem pretty well made and substantial in build quality. I am not sure they would be suitable for a hard floor surface as they might slide around somewhat but to protect a thick and expensive carpet they seem fine.

The price here at just £2.20 for four seems good for the quality of the item and large 70mm base means that even pretty hefty chair legs should fit.

I would be happy to recommend them.