ICOCO LED Dimmable Table Lamp

The lamp arrived in a surprisingly small eco friendly brown cardboard product box and inside was the lamp itself together with a UK power supply and a easy to read but rather unnecessary User Guide, which I reproduce at the end of my unboxing video.

The lamp is 31cm tall and has a broad pyramid style base with the soft touch control buttons at the front. There are five buttons to control the brightness along with a single button to scroll through the three different colour temperatures available. There is also a separate Off/On button. Build quality seems excellent and this lamp has the look and feel of a quality item.

Aside from the unusual angular design perhaps the main selling point of this lamp is the super flexible goose-neck which although not the biggest I have seen is flexible to a degree I have never encountered before. If it was a bit longer you could tie it in a knot. When positioning the neck it feels positive and secure and holds the setup well. The three colour temperature settings of the lamp are markedly different – cool white, medium, and warm. You may find you have to press and hold the chosen brightness level button and the output will then change to it over a second or so rather than jumping straight there, which can be a minor annoyance. A more positive jump would have been better. This lamp is not the brightest I have tried but is find for use as a bedside reading lamp or table lamp, just don’t expect it to fully light up the room. A bit brighter would have been better. Also this lamp does not have a USB output port, a very useful addition that some rivals have. That said, this is still a quality piece of kit and works very well.

Priced at £31.99 there are cheaper rivals out there but this new table and reading lamp from ICOCO has an unusual design that differs from any I have seen before. The good looks, superior build quality and excellent functionality more than makes up for the few minor criticisms and still makes it worth the difference.

The Good
Good build quality
Unusual design
Very flexible goose-neck

The Bad
Output buttons lack positive action
No USB output
Could be brighter
More info and purchase