EC Technolgy Portable Foldable Wireless Keyboard

I have several Android tablets of different sizes and manufacturers but I find the pop-up keyboard built into the operating system to be a nuisance when writing lengthy documents. I have tried several other external keyboards but for one reason or another they have not lasted the course.

This new keypad from EC technologies came packed in an eco friendly plain cardboard box inside of which was the keyboard itself, a standard USB to micro-USB charging cable and a well written but rather small and poorly printed User Guide. I include a scan of the User Guide at the end of my unboxing video.

Build quality is certainly impressive. The keypad is has a robust aluminium chassis with plastic keys, trackpad and surround. The keys have decent travel and seem well made and unlikely to come off as poorly made rivals do. The keypad is hinged and opens freely to expand the kaypad to full size but unless I have overlooked it there is no locking mechanism to keep it in place. The soft carry bag has a draw string neck and is marked with the EC Technology logo and seems robust enough to offer basic protection to the keyboard which in any case has no external plastic surfaces when folded.

The keys are well marked and easy to read but not back lit. There are power and Bluetooth status LED’s but annoyingly none for Caps Lock. The biggest single problem, however, as this is a USA specified keyboard with no £ key. It is possible to get around this with key mapping but that takes time and can be difficult to get right.

I was able to pair the keypad with two Android tablets and a Windows 10 tablet quickly and easily and switch between them in use without needing to reboot or reconfigure the keyboard.

The main selling point of the device must be the novel and very effective support brackets for use with tablets. My video shows the keyboard with a 10″ tablet attached and it certainly seems stable enough and not top heavy in any way.

In use I found the keypad to be fast and accurate with little delay or latency. The trackpad is quite large and seems responsive enough for everyday use when a mouse is unavailable.

This is a well made piece of equipment with a quality feel to it that belies the current £31.99 price tag. If you need a robust and well made Bluetooth keyboard in particular one you plan to use with a tablet then this would be a great choice.
The Good
Great build quality
Good price
Works with any size of tablet
Supporting stands fold away
Quick to assemble
Carry bag
Rechargeable battery
Standard USB charging port
Connect to up to three Bluetooth devices
Easy switch between Bluetooth devices
Dedicated Windows, iOS and Android key support
Two hour charging for 80 hour active use
Auto On and Auto Off

The Bad
USA keyboard
No keypad kick stand
No caps lock light
Keyboard not back lit
No hinge lock

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