VLOXO Sonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush A12

VLOXO is a company new to me and so since I needed a replacement toothbrush for use in my holiday home I thought I would give it a try.

The toothbrush arrived nicely packaged in a mid market display box inside of which aside from the toothbrush were three colour coded heads, a quite chunky and stable charging stand fitted with a three pin UK plug. A well written and easy to read User Guide was also included and I append this to my unboxing video. It is against an EU Diktat to use electrical items with three pin plugs on them in the bathroom and so to comply with the rules the device should be charged elsewhere.

The build quality seems good and although this is clearly not a high end device it is the toothbrush feels robust and sturdy and is satisfyingly chunky and easy to hold in the hand. The charging stand has two compartments each capable of storing two toothbrush heads. The holder for the stored heads lifts out for cleaning to reveal the UV sanitising element which keeps the stored heads clean and germ free. Having become accustomed to the tiny, badly written poorly printed and hard to read User Guides found with so many imported products it was a pleasure to find a instruction booklet of a decent size, nicely printed, well illustrated and written by a someone that actually understands English.

Using the toothbrush was fine. After an initial 24 hours full charge the toothbrush worked great and all five brushing modes (Clean, Sensitive, White, Gum Care, and Massage) seem to work well. Each brush has a ridged top for use in massage mode on the gums. Unlike most rivals which only have status LED’s to indicate the selected mode this one has back lit written indicators, although the sound varies from mode to mode for easy confirmation. It has a two minute timer with 30 second alerts.

The brush felt good in the hand and was nice and quiet in use. My moth felt just as clean and refreshed after use as with the high end brush I usually use.

This is an excellent toothbrush, well priced, that works well, is easy to use and looks good in the bathroom. The current price of just £36.99 is excellent.  They just need to sort the plug issue out to make it an even better buy.

The Good
Great price
Robust build quality
Built in UV sanitiser
Five modes
Clear Mode status indication
Auto timer
Three heads supplied

The Bad
EU plug not fitted
Cheap appearance
Cheap packaging

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