Nnewvante Adjustable Bamboo Laptop Desk with USB Fan

I was not really expecting too much from this unit. In the past I have bought bamboo items from Chinese suppliers and although the workmanship is usually first rate often the devices fall down somewhat in design and practicality. Not so here as for the remarkable price of just £25.99 you get an item that not only does the job but is also rather beautiful.

In the surprisingly up market product, not the usual generic plain cardboard type, was just the laptop desk itself. No instruction leaflet was supplied as all the information you need is on the box.

Build quality is exquisite and this has all the appearance of a craftsman made piece of furniture. The legs fold up inside the body to allow the unit to just sit on the lap or other surface when low access required. When folded down the legs can be extended and locked from 9.5 inches to 13.2 inches. The angle of rake for the laptop can be varied from just above level to almost vertical. The angled surface is supported by a single mtal bracket and although this seems sturdy enough I would have felt happier had there been one either side to support the laptop. One one side is a drawer which is large enough to hold a few cables and perhaps a DVD or two. The drawer action is free enough but a damped mechanism would have been nicer. Although the drawer is prevented from falling out entirely when the unit is sideways on the drawer will open to it’s full degree. A simple clip to prevent this would be good. There are two holes on the front surface of the desk into which the bamboo support piece to prevent the laptop slipping down is clipped. This support is provided in the tray and I suppose can be stored there. Some users might prefer a permanent laptop rest but perhaps this might restrict the use of the desk as a breakfast table.

One selling point of this unit is the built in cooling fan which is situated as you would expect on the underside of the unit with a standard size USB plug connected. There is no Off/On switch for the fan and no clip to hold the cable out of the way when not in use. To switch off just unplug it from the power source.

This is a rather nice piece of furniture which can be put to many uses as well as a laptop stand. It could be used a picnic table, breakfast tray or writing stand. There is a also a cheaper version available without the fan and fan grill which I may buy as a gift for my sister as I know she will appreciate it. The price for this model at just £25.99 is exceptional for the quality of the item and despite a few minor design issues which will probably not trouble most users this is a very remarkable buy.

The Good
Attractive design
Great price
Good build quality
Good presentation
Fan cooling
Works as breakfast tray

The Bad
No drawer lock
Only one supporting bracket
Cup/Phone holder too shallow
No Fan On/Off switch
No cable clip
Laptop rest support easily lost.

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