VLOXO Motion Sensor Night Light


I have used many motion detector lights, we have them all over the house and garden, but this new lamp from VLOXO is unusually designed with several novel features. I see now that the listing has been changed but even at the new price of £14.98 each they are not a bad buy. The three unit set at £30.99 for a set of three was a very good buy indeed. but used standard batteries , the updated ones now uses a built in rechargeable battery, a big improvement. Hopefully an updated discounted multi pack will soon be available again.

Inside the eco friendly product box was the light unit itself, double sided sticky wall mount, and with a well written and easy to read User Guide, which I include on the end of my unboxing video.

The lamp has an unusual look to it and resembles somewhat a flying saucer with it’s domed centre and scalloped surround all in an ethereal white. The light is in two parts, the light unit itself and a small wall mount containing a metal hemisphere to which the light is attached magnetically. This allows the light unit to be positioned in almost any orientation as well as making it a quick and easy task to remove the lamp for adjustments or cleaning. The main lamp unit has two LED lighting elements, one for the centre section and the other for the outer ring. The centre section of the lamp unit can rotate interdependently of the outside lighting ring and this gives access to the lamp control switches. There are two controls, one turns the centre LED Off and On, the other toggles the whole unit between Off/Motion Detector Auto/ Always On.

The build quality seems excellent, the lamp feels well made and robust and the unusual design means there is no need to try and hide the lamp away. I bought the warm white version and the light output is indeed soft and warm although nice and bright even when in half power mode.

This is an excellent lamp that looks fantastic, gives a good light output and is easy to remove from the mount for adjustments. Although the three unit set I received seems no longer to be available the revised model with rechargeable battery seems to be a big improvement and worth the extra cost. I hope future models will be water resistant so they can be used in a wider range of locations.

The Good
Good build quality
Unusual design
Easy access wall mount
Two lighting levels

The Bad
Cheaper rivals available
Not waterproof

More info and purchase