Rii K63C Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Priced at just £35.99 this has to be seen as a budget priced gaming keyboard but in fact it has several high end features that make it worth considering.

The keyboard came attractively presented in a mid market product box inside of which was the keyboard itself with a hard wired 2M braid cable with a heavy duty USB plug and a well printed but rather hard to read User Guide. I enclose a copy of the User Guide at the end of my unboxing video.
Build quality seems excellent. The chassis of the keyboard is anodised aluminium with the keys of heavy duty and robust plastic. On the underside of the keyboard there is a space for a key puller and three dedicated gaming keys. There are also two pull down kick stand supports which seem robust enough for heavy duty use as too often these legs fail on cheap keyboards. There is no numeric keypad, this is a 83 key UK layout keyboard. On the front above the keyboard there is a long indentation which I suppose can be used to store pens or other small items.

Using the keyboard was a pleasant experience with plenty of travel and the good firm feel many gamers need. I would not want to use it for long form writing but perhaps I have spent too much time using a chiclet laptop keypad.

One of the main selling points of this keyboard is the back lighting feature. This can be turned off as well as varied in patterns and intensity. Macro functions can be enabled for the lighting as well as the five standard patters: On (solid colour), Breathing (fades in and out), One Key (colour radiates from any single depressed key), Water ripple (patterns radiates across the keyboard), Streamer (another colour flow pattern).

This an excellent budget gaming keyboard which should appeal in particular to those that value the striking visual effects it offers.

The Good
Great price
UK layout
Attractive design
Good build quality
Good key travel
Auto sleep mode
UK key layout
Keys can be pulled
LED lighting configurable
Braid cable

The Bad
User Guide hard to read
No numeric keypad

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