Rii RK100+ 7 Color Rainbow LED Backlit USB Wired Gaming Keyboard


For less than £15 you can’t really expect too much but in fact I was very pleasantly surprised by this budget keyboard from Rii.

It arrived in a plain and eco friendly box cardboard box inside of which was the keyboard alone, no User Guide or information sheet was included. That is only a mild annoyance as it is self apparent how to use it and all the technical information can be found on the Amazon product page.

The keyboard is far larger than I expected and boasts a full 105 key UK layout – yes, the £ sign is in the right place. The keyboard has zoned colour back lighting which cannot be changed but can be turned off. It has a Lighting key (next to the Function key) which can be used to turn the lighting Off and On and to enter the light breathing mode whereby the back lighting fades in and out.

All the regular keys are to be found as well as dedicated Lighting control key, pre defined media keys and a full sized numeric key pad. The hard wired USB cable is good and long at 56 inches and the USB plug made a steady and reliable connection.

The keyboard is not mechanical but does indeed have a mechanical feel to it when typing. There is plenty of key travel but it does feel a bit spongy to me when typing forcefully but that may just be me. That said it does not feel cheap and nasty like some budget keyboards do. I would not like to use it to write War and Peace on but for gaming and day to day writing it is fine. The keys are fixed and unlike with many gaming keyboards cannot be pulled.

For the price this is a great buy and although it is not the best keyboard available I doubt you will find a better one for the price.

The Good
Great price
Attractive design
Good build quality
Good key travel
Auto sleep mode
Full sized 105 keys
UK key layout

The Bad
Spongy feel to keys
LED pattern cannot be changed
Keys cannot be pulled

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