Greleaves 4 Way Surge Protector USB Power Strip

There are plenty of cheap power strips out there but when dealing with something as potentially dangerous as electricity it is wiser to pay a more for quality and safety. This new plugboard from Greleaves is priced at £19.99 on Amazon but in my opinion is worth the extra.

The power strip is supplied in a robust and eco friendly plain cardboard box inside of which is the power strip itself and a well printed and easy to read information leaflet, which I attach to the end of my unboxing video.

The plugboard has the conventional layout of four UK power sockets with above them on a ridged strip the Off/On switch with LED Status light and a row of four USB power ports. Two of the ports offer just 1A output the other a more healthy 2.4A, enough to charge or power pretty much anything connected to them. It is a pity all four ports could not be 2.4A. The cable is a standard length 1.8M and is secured with a easy to use Velcro tie.

Safe operation is a major selling point and the unit has built in Surge protection and power spike protection. It comes with a 13am mains power fuse in the plug. The heavy duty body of the plugboard is made from fire resistant plastic and feels like it should be proof against impact heavy weights. The power cable feels heavy duty and robust and unlikely to be easily overloaded. The power strip comes with CE and RoHS safety certification.

This is a high quality power strip of the type most of us are familiar with. It is a heavy duty quality item to which I would be happy to entrust my XBox and iPhone.

The Good
Great build quality
Heavy duty cable
Overload protection
Velcro cable tie

The Bad
Standard length cable
Only two 2.4A USB ports

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