HONITURE Aroma Diffuser 400ml Essential Oil Humidifier


This new oil diuffuser/humififier from HONITURE arrived packaged in an attractive but low key product box. Inside was the diffuser itself, a power supply with a UK plug, a water jug, spare atomiser, and a well written and easy to read User Guide.

At 400ml water capacity the unit is larger than most humidifiers which should allow for longer operating times. I found it would work for several hours before turning itself off as it does when it detects the water reservoir is empty. It is made of wood effect plastic and has a dark oak appearance which is a pleasant change from the usual pine or bamboo design.

Operating the unit could not be easier. Detach the the body of the unit from the base, fill the unit with water to the indicated mark on the tank, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, replace the top, plug in and switch on. There are just two buttons only. The right hand button controls the misting period and there are three preset times to select (1, 3 or 6hr) or continuous. Long press the same button to select standard or high mist level, a beep sound confirms your choice. Press five times to turn misting Off. The left hand button controls the LED light, one press turns it on and begins a 15 second cycles through the seven colours, press again to set the light to the current colour, a long press will switch the light off. It can be used with the light or diffuser running alone.

The diffuser is good looking and subtle in appearance and should sit well in a home, office or clinical environment, the lighting is more subtle than most rivals I have used. The misting process is pleasant and can lift or give atmosphere to the room very quickly when used with the right oils. Be aware that due to the nature of the misting process some water may be precipitated around the device so do not locate it close to sensitive objects. This diffuser emits a large amount of mist, more so than most of the others I have tried, which is a good or bad thing according to your outlook.

Apart fromk the larger size the other novel features is the inclusion of a spare atomiser, the element which produces the steam. This just plugs in, there is only one place it can be plugged into and so it does not look a hard job. It is covered in the User Guide, which I append to my unboxing video.

Of the several diffusers I have experimented with this is one of the best as it simple to use, looks good and works well. It is a bit dearer than many rivals but it does have a larger water tank and comes with a spare atomiser, a feature I have not seen before. The device is well made and seems robust and durable. It has a good running time between refills and produces plenty of mist. The price is good and it has attractive and understated good looks. For the current Amazon price of £30.99 it is a decent buy.

The Good
Good build quality
Attractive packaging
UK plug
Good User Guide
Safety auto off feature
Seven light colours
400ml reservoir
2 Mist modes
4 Timer presets
Audio settings confirmation
Excellent colour User Guide

The Bad
No sample oil
Some adjacent water precipitation

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