MATCC 4 Pocket Car Storage Organizer

This four pocket organiser hangs suspended from loops over the car headrests and has well sized meshed pockets to store and protect important items. It can be used suspended from the front seats for the benefit of those in the back or from the rear seats for additional boot storage. My video shows it used in a Toyota Aygo.

The organiser arrived simply packaged in a plastic bag which is fine but might the appeal of the product as a gift and makes it seem cheaper than it is. No instructions were included and none were necessary.

The organiser is 35.4 inches wide by 13.4 inches deep, made from tough Oxford Cloth with four deep pockets each with a nylon mesh frontage. The pockets are deep and capacious but cannot be fastened shut or locked. The organiser can be easily removed and can be rolled up for storage.

Using the organiser is easily enough as it simply hooks over the front seat rests and has adjustable loops to secure it to up to three headrests. I found that the loops even when fully adjusted were not very wide so cars with solid wide headrests may not be suitable. It has a Velcro strip running the length of the hanging end so it can be fixed to the back seat and to prevent it flapping about but annoyingly no Velcro tape is included to secure it with and on my car it would not stick without it – but may well be fine on yours.

It does the job and is well made and robust. Priced on Amazon at just £14.88 it is certainly inexpensive and I see no reason not to recommend it.

The Good
Great price
Good build quality
Velcro securing strip

The Bad
No Velcro additional tape supplied
Pockets cannot be fastened
Poor packaging
Hanging loops are not very wide

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