Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 3MP Security Camera IP3M-943W

This is a well made if rather unexciting camera with a good range of features and should be suitable for any domestic and many professional installations. The price is not the cheapest but the build quality, image and feature set is in accord with the price.

Included in the rather attractive mid market box along with the camera itself was a wall fixing kit, UK power adaptor, wifi antenna, wall mount fixing kit, Ethernet cable, software CD and an install Guide. The User Guide, in colour and easy to read is one of the best I have yet found with any IP cam but not that that is saying much as they are usually pretty abysmal even from big name tech companies.

Construction quality is good if not the best I have tried but feeling robust, well made, and likely to be durable. On the front of the camera is the lens with the surrounding LED lamps. On top is the removable and adjustable sun/rain shade. On the back is the stub for the detachable wifi antenna. There is a pigtail cable set for Ethernet, power and system reset. The pigtail is of a decent length and long enough to be able to poke through a wall opening if needed.

Setting the camera up was easy enough using the suggested Amcrest iOS or Android phone app. Download and run the app, power up the camera and connect by Ethernet cable to your router. Using the app you can then scan for and identify the camera on the network. Using the app you can then input your home network wifi password as well as configuring the camera’s motion detection and other settings. Personally, I found it far easier just to connect the camera by Ethernet cable to my router and use my web browser to access the camera’s built in web control panel. Use the default User password of admin to get access. This way you can fully configure the camera’s many more arcane controls including Motion detection, scheduling, etc. Unlike when using the phone app setup there is no requirement to logon to a third party server or give out your email address when setting up using the web browser option. When an alert is triggered the camera will send out an email or in-app alert messages with snapshots as well as upload still images to an ftp server, the free Amcrest cloud storage pr to the internal SD card reader. I was pleased to see that several more common email server settings are available as preset options so you can input your user name and password without messing around with port number settings. Nice. The internal SD card is accessed via screw fit panel on the underside and so for eternal use is not really practical.

Video quality is first rate and one of the best I have seen from an IP camera of this price for both daytime and nighttime use. The 3-Megapixel sensor can output 1296P Video at 20fps or a more usable 1080p at 30fps.The illumination from the built infra red LED’s a powerful and evenly spread There is an i/r cut filter to prevent colour distortion for during daylight use. The camera is ONVIF compliant which means it can be integrated into many existing alarm systems.

This is a first rate IP camera robust enough for almost any external indoor situation and with a impressive feature set. It has a few minor disadvantages and omissions but the first rate image and robust build quality still makes this a five star camera. despite the £125.99 price.

The Good
iOS and Android apps
Great Build quality
Well written User Guide
FTP , email and in-app alerts
i/r Cut filter
No third party server needed
Free cloud storage
ONVIF compliant
Wide 100° angle of view
Excellent User Interface

The Bad
No SD card included
SD card access difficult
No 5Ghz network support
Short power supply cable
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