MAMONA Women’s Watch Bracelet Gift Set L68008RGGT

There are many lovely items from Chinese suppliers available on Amazon that get overlooked or ignored because of their origin. Likewise when buying watches people tend to go for only long established names and avoid the newcomers. For both reasons this charming watch and bracelet set from MAMONA is likely to be overlooked and that would be a shame indeed.

From the start it is clear this is a high end product. Inside the outer cardboard box was the sleeved black faux alligator skin presentation case inside of which was the watch itself, the two bracelets, a User Guide to the watch, a silica gelpack. Also included was a matching black MAMONA bag and a rather sweet oriental envelope set.

The watch itself like the bracelets has a rose gold finish but unlike the bracelets will fit even quite a large wrist as plenty of links are included in the 14.5mm stainless steel and white ceramic band but should more be needed Momona will supply them without charge. The watch has a 32mm diameter and a thickness of 9.3mm and is large enough to read easily in most lights. The movement is Japanese Quartz and the watch face is white with a Synthetic Sapphire glass and should be pretty much scratch proof. The design is elegant and subtle and free from the cheap and flashy design of some imported watches. The watch is simple and elegant with Roman numerals and free from an intrusive date/day display.

The two bracelets included in the pack are equally sophisticated and understated but just as attractive. However, be aware that they are suited to a small wrist only and cannot be adjusted. One band has a row of delicate crystals, the other a central motif in white with a single large crystal.

This would make a charming gift for a special occasion and at a reduced price of £79.99 without making too much of a hole in the pocket

The Good
Great build quality
Premium packaging

The Bad
Bracelets for small wrists only

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