VAVA VOOM 14 Headphones for Virtual Stereo Surround Audio

The headset arrived nicely presented in a mid market cardboard box inside of which was the semi rigid storage with the headset inside together with a short instruction leaflet and three sets of spare earbuds.

The headset resembles a normal decent quality in-ear headset with nothing to set it apart as a gaming headset. There is no option for a USB plug nor for separate Mic and audio plugs. In every way it seems to be a normal set of in-ear headphones.

Build quality seems excellent. The headset feels robust and well made and although the cable seems rather thin I have no reason to suppose it will give way anytime soon. There is an in line control box on the cable and this allows for track forward/back/pause as well as to work with the microphone to allow for hands free calling. I tried it for a phone call and it worked well with the conversation fully audible both ends.

The selling point of this head set is that it is for gaming use. However, unlike most gaming headsets there was no option to split the audio and mic cables nor for a USB input. I tried it when playing some PC games and it worked very well and better perhaps then a similar set of regular in-ear headphones but not enough to make me notice much difference had I not been looking for it. By the same token these are described as being not for music use but I tried them for music listening and found them to be perfectly fine and in fact better than many other headsets in this budget price range.

This is a decent quality set of sub £20 headphones designed for gamers and which work perfectly well for general use.

The Good
Good sound quality
Nice packaging
Storage case

The Bad
Bracelets for small wrists only
No USB plug
No audio/mic splitter
Little difference in audio quality from standard headphones


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