VLOXO Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Cleaner USC-111-UK

This new Ultrasonic cleaner from VLOXO is designed to use ultrasonic waves in water to clean small and delicate objects such as jewellery, dentures, spectacles etc which may be too delicate to clean in any other way. I tried it on an old brass drawer knob and was impressed by the effect of just one cleaning session on the ingrained grime of the item.

The cleaner, which at 20.4 x 14 x 13cm was larger than I was expecting, arrived presented in attractive mid market product box inside of which aside from the cleaner itself was a well written and easy to read fanfold User Guide (which I include in my video), a basket for the items to be cleaned and a divider for use with the basket. The device seems very well made and has a up market appearance that belies the £28.99 Amazon price.

Using the item is easy enough. Place the item to be cleaned inside the tank and fill with water to the marker inside the tank. Larger objects can be partially immersed in the water as the device will function with the lid open. Plug the unit in (a blue LED can be seen inside the device) and switch on. The cleaner front red LED will light and the device will emit a quiet buzzing noise and after about three minutes will turn itself off. Little can be judged by looking through the observation window into the tank as the water does not agitate or bubble other than very slightly. You can repeat the cleaning process as many times as needed and and detergent or specialised cleaning fluids can also be used if needed.

I was very impressed by the effect of just one three minute treatment on my filthy drawer knob. I also tried it on spectacles and some small glass object with equal success.

This is an excellent device and does a great job of cleaning small and delicate object at a very reasonable price.

The Good
Good build quality
Good price
Good User Guide
Basket for cleaning objects
Basket divider

The Bad
Large size
Small tank

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