Sourcingbay 3200 Lumens Home Cinema LED Projector BY58 by Jeasun


This new mid range LED projector from Jeasun arrived simply presented in a plain but heavy duty cardboard box. Inside the box aside from the projector itself was a full sized remote control handset, a power cable with UK plug, RCS video cable, HDMI cable, Lens cap, mounting screw set, two spare fuses, cleaning cloth and an English language User Guide.The kit was also supposed to include two accessory front feet but of these there was no sign, no matter as they are not really needed.

This is one of the largest (20mmx260mmx120mm) and at 2.55 Kg heaviest LED projectors I have used but this goes to reinforce the quality feel of the item. Build quality is clearly first rate, the plastic casing of the projector feels well made and robust. Nothing feels flimsy or about to fall off or break. The heavyweight power cable has a standard UK plug USB adaptor of the type used to charge mobile phones. The User Guide although smaller than I would like is unusually well written and illustrated and tells or you more or less all you need to know. The infra red remote control is full sized with proper physical clicky buttons rather than the credit card sized soft touch remotes often supplied. The main control buttons can also be found on the top of the projector itself. It has an above average range of ports and connections: 2x HDMI, 2xUSB, RCA in and out,Y,Pb,Pr, VGA and AV.

This projector supports some high features: Native Resolution :1280*768;fpi, Supported resolutions: up to 1366×768. Projection ratio: 16: 9 to 4: 3 , Contrast ratio is an impressive 3000:1, Brightness a remarkable 3200 Lumens, The Projection distance: 3.6 to 19.7ft (7.2ft Best) to give an image size of 32~200 inchs (100in Best). Keystone correction is manuall only and ±15°. These parameters exceed those of almost every other projector I have used.

The medium range price gets you some high end features but if you are after a projector for professional use then keep on looking. The light output is fine for home use but works best in a darkened or semi darkened room. The image quality is clear and sharp without fringing and it holds focus well. The colours are good but less saturated than you would find on a pro level projector. The native resolution will be enough for all HD and below image sources but not 4K. This means it will work with most current devices and the wide range of input ports supports this. The sound built in speaker output is Ok but for anything toher than small rooms an external speaker will be needed.

This unit is rather higher in price than most of the LED projectors entering the market. What does it offer that the cheaper ones do not? It has a higher than normal native resolution which means image quality should be and is better than from more basic devices. The build quality of this unit superior to that found on many cheaper models.

Those in search of a mid range projector with good image quality and with support for all the basic functions may find what they need here. For most home theatre owners this would be very well suited. If you want an auto focus unit with perfect colour fidelity for professional use reproducing documents and spreadsheets in a undarkened room and with a huge image then this one is not for you and expect to pay very much more to find it. This is a good quality device with excellent image quality and above average resolution but whilst it is priced below that of high end professional projectors at the current price of £188.99 it is by no means a budget device. Nevertheless the higher than normal image quality, feature set and build quality make it still a good buy for the price but be aware that there are cheaper but inferior options available.

The Good
Above average build quality
Excellent User Guide
Easy to use remote control
Robust build quality
Above average native resolution
Two USB ports
Two HDMI ports

The Bad
Can be hard to focus
No batteries included
Needs darkened room
Image quality good but not perfect
No carry case
No Wifi
No Bluetooth

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