OMARS in-ear Premium Cherry-wood Headphones OM35EPWOO

At £49.99 these are distinctly on the pricey side for a set in-ear headphones but I had heard good reports about them and so decided to try them. At least with Amazon you can always send them back if they are no good!

The headset arrived very elaborately packaged in a large and rather posh box inside of which were the headset themselves, two sets of eartips in additional sizes, and a short but well printed and easy to read User Guide, which I attach to my unboxing video However, despite the fancy packaging sad to say I was lacking one ear tip and there was no sign of the carry pouch.

The build quality seems excellent. The earbuds are quite heavy and feel well made and robust. The cabling is quite short, although fine for use with a phone carried in a jacket pocket, and feels rather thin although it has a smooth rubberised feel to it. There is a single button in-line control box which is simple to operate and easy to find by touch and sight and gives the usual pause and track controls.

The earbuds although rather large fit well and feel secure and unlikely to work loose. I found them very comfortable even for long use.

The main selling point of this headset is the sound quality and here it is that they prove their worth. The sound quality is amongst the best I have ever heard from an in-ear headset with plenty of bass, clear and well definded mid tones and higher frequencies that are sharp but never abrasive or piercing. The sound quality is first class and makes up for the other issues I had with this headset. Headsets are routinely described as being noise reducing and but in this case the heavy build, silicon tips and good design mean that there really is a noticable reduction in outside noise. Not a lot, but enough to remark on.

I was all set to give this headset a poor review due to the high price and missing pouch and tip but at the end of the day the first rate sound quality and effective noise reduction makes me feel duty bound to give it top marks.

The Good
Great sound quality
Up market presentation
Good build quality
In-line controls
Effective passive noise reduction

The Bad
No carry case
Incomplete ear tip set

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