Willnorn Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones ANC-HE8-01

Willnorn are a make not know to me but following good reports I had read I decided to try their new in-ear Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones, the current Amazon price of £69.99 made the purchase decision somewhat easier.

The headset arrived attractively packaged in a small but attractive and upmarket display box inside of which was the headset itself with earbuds and wings already fitted together a semi rigid carry case, two further sets of earbuds, two sets of wings, a USB charging cable and a User Guide. The User Guide was well written and easy to read, a pleasant change from the usual tiny, grey and hard to read offerings. I include a scanned copy of the User Guide on the end of my unboxing video, switch to full screen and pause as needed to read it.

Build quality seems first rate and I was impressed by the magnetic charging clip although keep in mind that unlike with an easily replaceable standard cable if the charging cord is lot then trhe headset is rendered useless. The OTG feature of the charging cable is a nice bonus.

The headset is small, lightweight and has an upmarket appearance and feel. The semi rigid case does not take up as much space and protects the headset well for travelling. Noise reducing headsets are frequently used for when on the move where size and weight are important issues and this makes the set well suited for travellers. Like many ANR headsets it has a rechargeable battery but since this has to power both the ANR technology and the Bluetooth connection I thought this might reduce the active life but in fact the claimed four hours of music time per two hour charge does not seem to be unrealistic.

Using the headset is easy and a pleasant experience, the in line control buttons are easy to use and operate by feel alone and I was pleased to find an easy access Off/On button for the Noise Reduction feature with a white ANR On LED. I tried a couple of test phone calls and they were easy to make and receive with decent audio both ends.

Bluetooth pairing was quick and easy with the usual blue/red LED status prompts. The headset connected automatically when powered on after pairing and the link seemed stable and drop out free.

Sound quality is above average with plenty of bass at least until the noise cancelling is enabled at which point the bass response falls off somewhat. Even with the noise cancelling on the sound is good, remember this is a headset designed I suspect more for travel use rather than for general listening. The noise reduction, which is controlled from the in-line control box does work and has a marked effect at cutting out much of the background noise albeit at the expense of the audio fidelity. The noise reduction works best on low frequencies, the low rumble of aircraft, bus or train, rather than for higher frequencies and this is indeed the case. Do not expect miracles from this or indeed any ANR headset and you will not be disappointed. The headset features the AptX codec, the latest must have feature for Bluetooth headsets but don’t expect it to give a big boost in sound quality as this Bluetooth codec has a maximum bit rate of 350kbps. A difference from the previous level that is impossible to detect in blind tests

This is a decent budget priced ANR headset with good sound quality and effective low frequency noise cancelling. There are a couple of limitations and I was tempted at first to knock a star off but in the end the good audio quality, effective ANR, and budget price made me decide on the full five stars.

The Good
Great price
Good sound quality
AptX technology
Effective noise reduction
Semi rigid carry case
Inline controls
Attractive presentation
Lightweight and comfortable to wear
Magnetic charging clip
ANR LED light

The Bad
Non standard charging cable
Sound quality degradation with Noise Reduction

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