Meterk 1500mW Laser Engraver Printer MT-01

I bought this as a present for my partner who makes small craft type items as a hobby and I thought she would appreciate the ability of this object to engrave script, diagrams and pictures onto leather, card, paper and other surfaces.

The engraver, which is about the size of a car battery, arrived simply packaged in a plain cardboard box, robust and suitable for log term storage of the device. Inside was the machine itself, a USB cable, a CD of software and drivers, am Allen key, Laser protection glasses, a storage wallet, a small rubber mat, paper and wood blocks for testing purposes. There was also a large and reasonably well printed User Guide which I include on the end of my unboxing video.

Build quality seems fine. The machine itself is has tough plastic outer frame with the laser mechanism made from metal. The protective glasses are large enough to allow a small pair of reading glasses to fit inside and have almost opaque lenses. I am not sure why the storage pouch was included nor the small rubber mat but glad to have them anyway.

Operating the device in fact is far easier than it seemed at first. The User guide although large enough to be legible is poorly translated and hard to follow. There are several well illustrated guides available on the product website (trusfer dot com) but these are even more poorly translated than the User Guide. However, once you get started it becomes self evident how to use the machine.

First thing is to be sure to remove all the packing foam from around the laser burning mechanism as it needs to move freely when in use and also from the work surface mount. You then need to install the software onto your PC or phone (Android or iOS). To be sure of getting the latest version I downloaded it from the company website but a software and drivers CD is included. It installed and ran well on my Windows 10 machine. I also downloaded the Android version which looks very similar to the Windows version interface although I have not used it fully yet.
When using controlling the machine by phone the two devices are connected wirelessly by Bluetooth. The unit has a built in 6000mAh battery so it can be used as a stand alone device when connected by Bluetooth. I suspect for long term use a wired connection to a PC will be easier to use.

Connect the device to a USB power source and if using the PC to operate the unit, as I did, this will also allow the software to detect the burner. There is a start/stop button on top of the machine and a recessed power button inside the frame on the rear. The User Guide tells you to now adjust the focus of the laser lens using the knurled metal knob around the lens. In fact I found this was not necessary when using paper as the preset focus was fine.

Opening the PC software – there is an option to select English on the lower left as mine defaulted to Chinese – you can enter text into a dialog box or import a picture. The picture will need to be as simple as possible with bold shapes and outlines best. You can move the text or picture as needed but I let the defaults stand for my test video. There is a slider to adjust the ‘burning time’ which in fact controls the intensity of the laser burning and subsequent colour of the image rather than the length of time of the operation which is in fact determined by the size and nature of the image.

You can now start the actual burning process by pressing the Start onscreen button. My test picture took about twenty minutes in total but simple lettering would take less and more complex images longer. The machines makes a noise when in operation but not too loud. There is also a small amount of smoke due to the burning process but again not much. A fan comes into operation when needed but I did not observe it during my test picture.

I was impressed by the results and by how easy the device proved to be to use. Of course, I used the default settings and burned a simple paper image only. More complex images using materials such as wood or leather may be more difficult to make but I am sure experience will be a good teacher. The actual burning surface area is quite small which will restrict the use of the device.

This an excellent device and for simple images far more straightforward to use than I had feared. The price, currently £126.99 on Amazon, is not bad for a sophisticated piece of kit like this. There are cheaper and less powerful rivals available for those with laser needs but I am happy enough to recommend this one.

The Good
Good price
Good build quality
Windows, Android and iOS interfaces
Easy to use
Online support guides
Bluetooth connection option
Battery operation option
Quiet in use

The Bad
User Guide poorly translated
Online guides poorly translated
Small working area
Function of some included items unclear

More info and purchase