Beexcellent GM-290 USB Gaming Microphone

I never realised there were such things as gaming microphones but I guess there is and here is one from Beexcellent which I hope will add a bit to my gaming activities. Priced at £25.99 it ios by not that inexpensive and so I hope I have not thrown my money away.

The microphone arrived in an attractive mid market product box inside of which was the microphone itself and a short, easy to read but poorly translated multi language User Guide, which I reproduce on the end of my unboxing video.

The microphone is largely built of plastic but fold up reasonably flat for storage, the head folds down and the upright stand folds down paralell to the base. The build quality seems fine although it does feel a little lightweight to me. A more rigid heavy duty base would have been better. The microphone connects via USB only and annoyingly it uses a 1.5m hard wired cable to do so, a USB in port would have been better so that damaging the cable would not mean having to replace the microphone. On one side there is a USB to allow external devices a pass through connection to the PC and next to it 3.5mm jack ports top allow an external microphone and speaker/headphone to be used. On the top of the base is a single switch which turns the microphone On or off but does not control the always on LED lighting, although this is fairly subtle and not too garish, thank goodness.

I found it worked well with my Windows 10 PC with no need to download external drivers. The microphone has a claimed 16-20Khz range and gave decent clear results when I used it. The microphone is not very tall and I would have preferred a taller stand to prevent my having to lean over sometimes to address it.

This is a decent quality mic that works well and looks good with a design markedly different from most rival products. The easy access On/Off switch and ports for external products again lift it above the norm. The current price is slightly dearer than many rivals but this is aniche device and should appeal to many hard core gamers unhappy with the standard headset mic.

The Good
Unusual and attractive design
USB pass through port
External microphone port
Speaker port
USB 3 plug
Easy access On/Off switch
LED illumination

The Bad
Not very adjustable
Lightweight build
Hard wired cable
Lights cannot be switched off

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