Estarer Mens 15.6 inch Laptop Messenger Bag

I needed a new computer bag and having looked around this model from Estarer seemed a good choice and at 18 x 14 x 5 Inches ,should be easily able to accommodate my 13″ Chromebook with plenty of space to spare but without beinbg too bulky. The current Amazon price of £32.99 did not seem to be be a bad buy.

The bag arrived just in a clear plastic bag with no paperwork or tags included. That is fine by me since I am no fan of overkill packaging.

The bag does seem nicely made, I have to admit. The body of the bag is made from canvas with PU leather for the feature details. I would have preferred faux leather or some other man made fabric for this but there it is. There are three substantial internal pockets, one with a divider, one secured with a Velcro band and with a zip to secure the whole inside. On the front flap there are two pockets both zipped with a further zipped pocket on the front of the bag hidden under the front flap. There are small easy access pockets on either side and on the rear a single large zipped pockets. There are no buckles to worry about, the front flap is held in place by two large Velcro patches which do the job well but looks rather ugly when the bag is opened up. The inside of the bag and the internal pockets are all lined with a soft and smooth almost silk like material which certainly adds a touch of luxury to the bag.

The bag is described as being water resistant and I would say that the contents would be safe enough from all but the heaviest of showers. The bag exterior feels tough and robust enough to look after itself and the contents OK and the strap feels pretty hefty too. The Velcro pads securing the front flap may come off in time or lose their strength as they often do but time will tell about that.

This is an excellent well made bag well suited to everyday use at work or college, holds a decent amount of kit and is available at a reasonable price. There is not a lot here not to like.


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